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Power Pole Repair


A Closer Look

We founded Coulomb Electric Inc. out of a pure passion for people. Our goals, our ambitions, our inspirations, all come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of.

Since opening back in 2000, we have become masters at our craft. We go above and beyond your requests to keep you coming back for more. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we offer, and get in touch with any questions.


Experience - Integrity - Quality Service - Knowledge - Efficiency


Coulomb Electric Inc. is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with all the information, insight, and options for you to make the best decisions concerning your electrical needs.  We'll be glad to discuss cost difference of multiple installation methods and design options. We may even be able to provide some alternate ideas that would better achieve the most desired outcome for your project.  We strive to provide you with a service that is fast and efficient, while also maintaining a high standard of quality workmanship.

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